Filmmakers Statement

Rarely do people speak of or remember peaceful, honorable men and their world changing contributions. As a descendant of Joseph Clarke, Dr. John Clarke’s youngest brother, I am driven to share with the world the importance of John’s life, his unwavering commitment to build a community where persons of differing religious beliefs could live together in harmony and welcomed to practice their faith without fear of persecution.

Referencing John’s book “Ill Newes from New England” and scores of historical research, our film, a full-feature Historical Drama, will bring you into Dr. John Clarke’s world and his journey to overcome religious persecution, loss of personal freedoms and risk of treason to triumph in obtaining Religious Freedom and Civil Liberties for the Colony of Rhode Island, and in effect, changing world history.

Love, peace and acceptance of others starts within each one of us. Like Dr. John Clarke “Uncle John”, I believe within the depths of my soul, Religion, our Personal Beliefs are synonymous with our Rights to be Free!

Andrea M Clarke – Writer, Producer, Director