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May 2020 – We are Raising Funds to shoot a “Cinematic” Movie Trailer for the Historical Drama “A Lively Experiment, The Life of Dr. John Clarke, America’s Forgotten Patriot.”
Your donation supports Independent Filmmakers and a very timely story steeped in our basic rights to personal freedoms!


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The CINEMATIC MOVIE TRAILER will give the mood, main character introductions and highlights to the story, allowing us to build a wide audience and raise funds for the feature film production. 



“A Lively Experiment” is based on the life of Dr. John Clarke and his journey to overcome religious persecution, loss of personal freedoms, mounting sacrifices and risk of treason to secure the Rhode Island Royal Charter of 1663 from King Charles II which granted far-reaching Religious Freedom and Civil Liberties to the colony of Rhode Island, thereby changing world history.

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From The Heart Productions
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