A Lively Experiment, the Life of Dr. John Clarke, America’s Forgotten Patriot is a Timely Historical Drama based on real events about one man’s self-sacrificing dedication to right the wrongs stemming from his own religious persecution and witnessing the same of others.

A full-feature Historical Drama, “A Lively Experiment” will bring you into Dr. John Clarke’s world and his journey to overcome religious persecution, loss of personal freedoms, mounting sacrifices and risk of treason to secure the Rhode Island Royal Charter of 1663 from King Charles II which granted Religious Freedom and Civil Liberties to the colony of Rhode Island, thereby changing world history.

March 2020 – The research for Dr. John Clarke’s story has been completed! With your support, we will film a Proof of Concept Trailer this spring and complete the screenplay by end of the summer!

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126 years before the US Constitution, Dr. John Clarke set forth during tumultuous times, risking treason to win Religious Freedom & Civil Liberties from King Charles II for Rhode Island Colony.

jclarkeJohn Clarke (1609-1676) was a highly educated physician, Baptist Minister, statesman & philanthropist. He sailed to Boston from England to seek a place where one could practice their faith without fear of persecution.

In 1651 Dr Clarke was arrested with two others, jailed and sentenced to 20 lashes on the whipping post for holding a “unlawful service”. Dr Clarke was resonate that no man or government entity had the right to govern, convict or silence anyone for their religious beliefs.

As Agent for the Colony of RI he sailed back to England and spent 12 years in London representing the Colony’s interests. His dedication & perseverance paid off, he wrote & secured the Royal Charter of 1663 from King Charles II which granted Religious Freedom & Civil Liberties for the Colony of RI.

Dr. John Clarke’s accomplishment was unprecedented, even more remarkable he persevered through respect, diplomacy, humility and grace.

Dr. John Clarke’s story and the film’s message is a benchmark social cause to instill the fact that “Religion is synonymous with Freedom“. Through heart driven focus, open communication and positive action it is possible to live together in peace and prosperity regardless of differing beliefs and without overreaching government interference.

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